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波音公司进行的一项调查发现,某些软件是由刚从印度毕业的程序员设计和开发的。新毕业的学生可以开展这样复杂的项目吗? 波音公司招聘毕业生作为开发计划的关键人员,以降低成本。 杏鑫 注册一个朋友认为波音公司应该接受要求不负责任的行为的惩罚。波音公司拥有各种类型的波音飞机,对MAX系列产品的市场需求仍然存在,但仍然发生许多严重的崩溃。
考虑到市场前景和发展,波音公司必须仔细检查其错误并解决仍然以更稳定和合理的方式隐藏的许多隐藏的安全问题。 MAX系列产品中出现的许多问题不可避免地会影响其他波音型号,因此波音公司必须仔细研究以避免在其他飞机型号上出现相同的技术缺陷。
杏鑫 注册用户认为他们需要仔细检查自己的不负责任性,例如波音,但从未听说过在世界许多国家/地区购买波音系列产品时其波音飞机存在严重的致命缺陷。没有啦这是一种使人们感到无助的代价。我应该不惜一切代价降低安全性以降低成本吗?这种不当行为应受到有关部门的严厉惩处。

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Boeing is facing unprecedented development pressure, and the current situation is likely to make the follow-up development of Boeing completely lose momentum, and will completely withdraw from the market and be abandoned. In the future, you need to make changes in many aspects, but the most important is the core problem of max series products in Boeing. In the actual investigation, the pioneer focuses on the specific software in the aircraft system. Problem.

A Boeing survey found that some software was designed and developed by programmers who had just graduated from India. Can new graduates carry out such complex projects? Boeing recruits graduates as key personnel in its development program to reduce costs. Xingxin registers a friend who thinks Boeing should be punished for irresponsible behavior. Boeing has various types of Boeing aircraft, and the market demand for max series products still exists, but there are still many serious crashes.

Considering the market outlook and development, Boeing must carefully check its mistakes and solve many hidden security problems that are still hidden in a more stable and reasonable way. Many problems in max series products will inevitably affect other Boeing models, so Boeing must study carefully to avoid the same technical defects in other aircraft models.

Precision equipment such as airplanes should be reliable and safe in use, but Boeing did not pay attention to these problems and always insisted that the product had no problems. Boeing has never felt this way because of the problems and defects found in many countries. These issues have been noted.

Xingxin registered users think that they need to carefully check their irresponsibility, such as Boeing, but they have never heard of serious fatal defects in Boeing aircraft when purchasing Boeing series products in many countries / regions of the world. No, it's a price that makes people feel helpless. Should I reduce security at all costs to reduce costs? Such misconduct should be severely punished by the relevant departments.

Boeing also believes that the technology is very mature and does not need more senior engineers, which makes the outside world uneasy. If you think that the company's subsequent development can monopolize the whole market, Boeing's future development should be based on safety. Otherwise, no country can agree to the company's products and services.

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